Before purchasing a course

No, we will provide you with the perfect focus on teaching, as well as take you to complete the construction of WordPress website, will make sure that you will complete the construction of the website!
Contact us directly, we understand your learning needs and will help you customize your learning needs.
If you don't need a course and need a simple setup service, you can also contact us.
Please refer to our Refund Policy for details of refunds, and if you are provided with Remote Building Counseling through us it will be considered as completion of the core learning.

After purchasing the course

Yes, but it is highly recommended that you also learn to understand that this is the purpose of the course.
Installation of themes and plug-ins will be taught in the course, as well as how to troubleshoot errors, so we will only teach you how to do it, you need to install it yourself!
Most of the gold streams are provided with WordPress Woocommerce gold stream plug-in, self-installation, in the gold stream with the company to apply for the code can be, we can provide assistance to apply for part of the need to apply for their own with the gold stream company.
You can contact us first, we understand your needs, we will help you evaluate the server you need, can help you apply for rental