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Language options are limited to Chinese and English.

2023 WWD Course Target Audience

Internet Entrepreneurs

E-commerce Shopping, Knowledge Subscription, Online Courses, Personal Branding, Company Website

Video Platform Traffic Generation

YouTube, TikTok, Facebook Video Channel Traffic to Conversions on Private Website

Suitable for Beginners

Suitable for both inexperienced and experienced WordPress users.

Comprehensive Experience and Support

We provide professional and comprehensive educational resources to help you create a professional website in a short period of time.

Student Benefits

Exclusive Git Resources.

Please provide us with the organized file resources.

Facebook Group

Exclusive student discussion community.


Provide multilingual subtitles.


Earn commissions by sharing knowledge while learning.

Jay Hsu


Jay Hsu, the founder of Micro Classroom, had a strong interest in computers when he was a child and taught himself computer skills. While studying mass communication at university, he combined computer technology and media production

After graduation, he made outstanding achievements in digital marketing and video production, successfully completing 30 WordPress multi-functional e-commerce website development projects. In addition, he has cooperated with Startup Music and Cultural Creation, Honghua Data Rescue, second-hand 3C websites, etc., and provided server hosting services.

Jay Hsu is committed to bringing his passion and expertise to more people and continues to seek innovative career opportunities

Currently working hard to complete online courses

My Works

3C Shop

In WordPress, large-scale systems include membership systems, e-commerce systems, and form systems.

My WP site

Personal Portfolio Website with YouTube Video Integration

Data Recovery

Official Data Recovery Website - Long-Term Collaborative Partner


UDS Association Taiwan Branch Board of Directors

The course is currently under development, and we will continue to make adjustments, optimizations, and updates to its content

Original Intent of Course Design

The core objective of this course is to enable everyone, with just a computer at their disposal, to effortlessly create professional websites without the need for intricate configurations or an in-depth understanding of complex server technologies. We've simplified the cumbersome steps of domain registration, server setup, and SSL website certificate application. Upon completing this course, you will easily acquire the skills to build professional websites. Furthermore, this course is compatible with all VPS and cloud servers available in the market, as well as home-based NAS systems. Whether you intend to create a personal brand website, a company's official site, a paid knowledge system, or an online teaching platform, it can assist you in rapidly achieving your website goals.

  1. Your website, your control – your data, unchained. Learn how to own your own website and have complete control over your data, free from third-party restrictions.
  2. Freedom to customize, no platform shifts. Design your website with complete autonomy, without worrying about platform changes.
  3. Unique style, boundless creativity. Explore limitless creative possibilities to give your website a unique style.
  4. Boost SEO, attract more traffic. Master the art of optimizing your website to improve search engine visibility and attract more traffic.
  5. Secure and reliable, safeguard your brand. Discover how to ensure the security and reliability of your website to protect your brand reputation.
  6. Own your content, no content moderation. Learn how to own your content without being subject to third-party content moderation.
  7. Highly scalable, future-proof. Explore how to make your website highly scalable to meet future needs.
  8. Tailor-made features, meet your needs. Dive into the details of customizing website features to meet your specific requirements.
  9. Infinite theme and plugin options, limitless possibilities. Understand how to choose themes and plugins to expand your website’s functionality.
  10. Unlimited creation, limitless achievement. Learn how to unleash your creativity for continuous accomplishments.


Course Outline


  • Welcome to the “WordPress With Docker: From Zero to Online for Beginners” course.
  • Introduction to WordPress with Docker
  • Benefits of Using Docker


  • Setting up Docker Environment
  • Installing WordPress


  • Configure WordPress Docker Image
  • Setting up Docker Compose for WordPress
  • Setting up Nginx Web Server

Data Management

  • Database Setup for WordPress
  • Backing Up and Restoring WordPress Files

Media Management

  • WordPress Installation Storing Media Assets
  • Protecting Media Assets


  • Basic Troubleshooting for Docker Environment
  • Troubleshooting WordPress Environment
  • Troubleshooting Nginx Web Server


  • Summary of WordPress with Docker Setup
  • Final Thoughts and Advice