WordPress 網站必學!麵包屑導航讓你的 SEO 爆表!

WordPress 網站必學!麵包屑導航讓你的 SEO 爆表!

你知道什麼是麵包屑導航嗎?它不只是讓你的訪客不迷路,還能提升你的 SEO 效果。在這個影片中,我會教你如何使用 Elementor 和 Yoast SEO 插件在你的 WordPress 網站上建立漂亮又實用的麵包屑導航。你會學到什麼是麵包屑導航的好處、如何設定文章頁面和彙整頁面的全域版模、如何在版模中加入麵包屑元件、以及如何自訂麵包屑的外觀和文字。快來看看吧,讓你的網站更有層次和結構!

2023 WWD Course

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WordPress Site Essential! Breadcrumbs Navigation Boosts Your SEO to the Max!

Do you know what breadcrumbs navigation is? It’s not only a way to help your visitors find their way, but also a way to boost your SEO performance. In this video, I will show you how to use Elementor and Yoast SEO plugins to create beautiful and functional breadcrumbs navigation on your WordPress site. You will learn what are the benefits of breadcrumbs navigation, how to set up global templates for single and archive pages, how to add breadcrumbs widget to your templates, and how to customize the appearance and text of your breadcrumbs. Check it out and make your site more organized and structured!

WordPress 與 Docker:打造專業網站之旅

大家好,歡迎來到微課堂!我是 Jay Hsu,今天我們將為您呈現一個令人興奮的課程介紹。我們的課程將帶您踏上 WordPress 和 Docker 的旅程,打造專業級網站。我們將深入探討課程大綱,包括如何使用 WordPress,Docker,以及它們如何協同工作。無論您是新手還是有經驗的用戶,我們都有內容適合您。讓我們一起探索並啟動您的網站建設之旅!

2023 WWD

Hello everyone, welcome to Microclassroom! I’m Jay Hsu, and today, we have an exciting course introduction to share with you. Our course will take you on a journey through WordPress and Docker, enabling you to build professional-level websites. We’ll dive into the course outline, including how to use WordPress, Docker, and how they work together. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, we have content tailored to you. Let’s explore together and kickstart your website building journey!