WordPress 與 Docker:打造專業網站之旅

大家好,歡迎來到微課堂!我是 Jay Hsu,今天我們將為您呈現一個令人興奮的課程介紹。我們的課程將帶您踏上 WordPress 和 Docker 的旅程,打造專業級網站。我們將深入探討課程大綱,包括如何使用 WordPress,Docker,以及它們如何協同工作。無論您是新手還是有經驗的用戶,我們都有內容適合您。讓我們一起探索並啟動您的網站建設之旅!

2023 WWD

Hello everyone, welcome to Microclassroom! I’m Jay Hsu, and today, we have an exciting course introduction to share with you. Our course will take you on a journey through WordPress and Docker, enabling you to build professional-level websites. We’ll dive into the course outline, including how to use WordPress, Docker, and how they work together. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, we have content tailored to you. Let’s explore together and kickstart your website building journey!


這部影片是2023 WWD課程的預告,我們將在其中展示課程的一個示範,特別是有關WordPress輕鬆部署安裝的部分。如果您對我們的課程感興趣,請立即報名參加,掌握更多知識和技能!

2023 WWD Course


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This video is a preview of the 2023 WWD Course, where we showcase a demonstration from our course, specifically focusing on the easy deployment and installation of WordPress. If you’re interested in our course, enroll now to gain more knowledge and skills!