WordPress With Docker: From Zero to Online for Beginners
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Welcome to the "Wordpress With Docker Newbie from 0 to Online" course. In this course, we’ll dive into why building a WordPress website on your own is a great option and how it can help you achieve your goals in the online world. Here are the key takeaways from our courses:

  1. Your website, your control – your data, unchained. Teach you how to have your own website, with full control over your data, without any restrictions from third parties.
  2. Freedom to customize, no platform shifts. Design your website freely and independently without worrying about platform changes.
  3. Unique style, boundless creativity. Provides unlimited creative possibilities to give your website a unique style.
  4. Boost SEO, attract more traffic. Learn how to optimize your website to improve search engine visibility and attract more traffic.
  5. Secure and reliable, safeguard your brand. Teach how to ensure website security and reliability to protect your brand reputation.
  6. Own your content, no content moderation. Learn to own your content without being subject to third-party review.
  7. Highly scalable, future-proof. Explore how to make your website highly scalable to handle future needs.
  8. Tailor-made features, meet your needs. Details on how to customize website features to meet your specific needs.
  9. Infinite theme and plugin options, limitless possibilities. Learn how to choose themes and plugins to extend your website's functionality.
  10. Unlimited creation, limitless achievement. Tell you how to give full play to your creativity and continue to achieve success.

This course will help you avoid many pitfalls, such as using cheap website building tools, paying for new features, and being restricted when moving website materials. We look forward to working with you to gain a deeper understanding of the benefits of building your own WordPress website and inspiring you to achieve more success in the online world!

If you are new to WordPress, we have provided a simple demo website that allows you to experience the basic functions of a newly installed WordPress. This demo site includes a front-end and a back-end, where you can browse the interface and understand the structure and operation of the WordPress system.

WordPress >> Demo <<

Course Outline


  • Welcome to the "WordPress With Docker: From Scratch to Online Course"
  • Introducing WordPress and Docker Advantages of using Docker


  • Setting up Docker Environment
  • Deploy and install WordPress


  • Configure Nginx web server
  • Configure WordPress PHP-FPM and PHP environment parameters
  • Domain name application and configuration
  • Cloudflare Tunnel application configuration

Data Management

  • Introducing the WordPress database
  • Backing Up and Restoring WordPress Files

Content system management

  • WordPress system architecture concepts
  • Basic configuration of WordPress new website
  • WordPress theme installation
  • WordPress plugin installation
  • WordPress Editor App


  • Basic Troubleshooting for Docker Environment
  • Troubleshooting WordPress Environment
  • Troubleshooting Nginx Web Server


  • Summary of WordPress with Docker Setup
  • Final Thoughts and Advice
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